First of , let me say, I like the Goldwing GPS.

Yes it could be better but in the two years I have had My Goldwing it has worked great for me from Alaska to Georgia, Pennsylvania to New Mexico
One of the most frustrating things about it was my not turning it on before starting out. That is why this wiring diagram was created.

I used 20 (or 22?) gage speaker wire for the line coming from the back of the bike.
Too fine of wire caused a bit of interfearance.
I did not cut any wires by the clutch switch, just used spade connectors to the existing wires
I tied into the black and white wire under the seat where the wires exit the trunk. (not as obvious if I had to take my bike to a dealer.
I did not take off the shelter to run the wires, just fished the wire through with a piece of bailing wire. Then located the switch in the left pocket out of the weather.

I have read on newer models (08?) the clutch did not have to be interupted.
My 06 would not work with out the clutch switch being bypassed as in the diagram below.
If I leave the bypass switch engaged too long the bike will throw an F1 error code

Kinda dirty ain't it!
That's Alaska mud!